Cosmic rays crystal singing pyramid 12 inch

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The sound is pure and relaxing, Excellent for meditation and healing.
Perfect pitch and our love help with the meditation and enlarge the healing.
Packing carefully with case and foam, 100% Guarantee for the Broken or Lose during the Shipping!
Do you feel our love through the bowls?

The Pyramid shape traditionally has been said to have many healing powers.
Crystal healing and the magnification of crystal is an important part of Crystal Pyramid power.
Your physical body is made up mostly of water and crystal matches your very structure making it easy to deliver healing energy to you.
Crystal Pyramids are beautiful sacred sound instruments. They are built to match the exact geometric mastery of the Great Pyramids.
The have very special healing abilities that are being safely and effectively made available to you through the Singing Bowl Blessing.
The amazing sound and frequency of the crystal pyramid literally changes your electromagnetic field to match your divine origin.
This electrical shift changes matter which means it changes your physical body and material life.
The sound, vibration, frequency and sacred geometry of the beautiful crystal pyramid provides tremendous mind, body, spirit healing.

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