About Us

Why choose us?


Crystal Energy Bowls is more than 20years factory, Our craft is very advanced, our design is top-ranking, we had ourselves research and development group.  our service is the best, no matter the pre-market or sale or after-sale. 


perfect C  C#  D  D#  E  F  F#  G  G#  A  A#  B musical note From the 1st octave to 7th octave, mainly is the 3rd octave, 4th octave. We can tone any shape singing bowl into a perfect musical note. So one set product is very easy to us.7pcs as one set or 8pcs as one set, or 12pcs or 13pcs as one set, there is 36pcs as one set, too


Significant advantages of the clear crystal singing bowls are that they are considerably lighter in weight and they tend to produce a lower note for their diameter than the classic frosted singing bowls.

A few words about us

We are a factory with production and operation of integrated production and marketing capacity. The history of our factory is over more than 20 years. There is a broad range of instruments for sound healing and music therapy including crystal singing bowls, handle singing bowls, opal singing bowls, frosted singing bowls, the holy grail, crystal bell, crystal pyramid, crystal tuning fork, crystal singing didgeridoo group singing bowls and tongue drum. Over these 20 years, we still preserve manual craftsmanshipThe craft is ahead the industry